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Your donation makes a real difference as it enables us to continue our main project which is in the area of communication. We need to be able to provide our volunteers with accommodation. In addition to our main project we have made an education initiative and we are embarking on a project to control an invasive species that is threatening the biggest nesting ground for the Artic Tern in Iceland. We would also need funds for a Tanzania Rain Forest project and projects to do with building little islands in little lakes for threatened birds to breed.

To make a donation in any currency you can fill out the form and/or simply donate via PayPal or Credit Card by clicking on the image / buttons below or using the QR Code at the bottom of our webpages. If you require more information or if you encounter any difficulty in making a donation please let us know by sending a message to biodiversity.vision@gmail.com

You can simply click on the graph below to donate in dollars or on the graph above to donate in Euros or any other currency or make a transfer to the following account: Beneficiary: Charitable Institute, Rif, Iceland - SWIFT (BIC): NBIIISRE -IBAN Account:

IS85 0133 3800 0649 6806 2112 80

If you would like to help us save on currency exchange fees we have provided an interactive form that guides you on how you can make a donation in the same currency as the account or credit card you are donating from.

For major donors wanting to make their donations count towards their tax obligations in any country we can help.For donations coming from the European Economic Area, (includes the EU and EFTA countries) the same tax relief applies as to domestic donations.Our charity the Charitable Institute registered in Iceland as a charity operating across International borders handles the donations based on Icelandic, European and International law.
Please feel free to call us at +41555115000 CET 09:00-21:00 or WhatsApp +417635660000

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