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Published first on the International Day of Biological Diversity

The photo on top of the page is taken in the year 2000 in the Guatemala equatorial rain forest by the author of this site. It shows a butterfly depicted as an alien.

Maybe that art of butterfly is now truly alien and can only be found in the Home for Extinct Species (see the next video).

Because the habitat where the picture was taken has been ruined like so many other areas all over the world. (See the satellite thumbnail that shows the ruined area, the border of Belize and Guatemala today.) So sad ;(

If you are watching on a mobile device it may look better if you turn your device sideways for the videos but not the Tik Toks

This short film is about the man-made biodiversity crisis, the loss of species because of habitat destruction. The short film was made by an LMU Biology undergraduate student, Suzanne, for a seminar on the biodiversity crisis. It won the best short film award in a competition with 39 other short films. Enjoy watching, and protect biodiversity!

Biodiversity Photo Slideshow

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