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If you have a website please add the link to our site www.biodiversity.vision e.g. by using the following code:

<a href="https://www.biodiversity.vision">Help save the planet's biodiversity by joining Biodiversity Vision</a>

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biodiversity.vision ( biodiversity.vision ) without the www might require the assistance of a search engine

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Our home page (including the text behind the drop downs) describes what we want to achieve and our general approach (See table of contents below). The 2nd page under the title Biodiversity extinction will give you more background information. You can use the the menu system (accessible by the ☰ symbol in the top left corner on a mobile) or the orange and green arrows towards the top of the every page to navigate back and forth between the pages. Our language pages are all decorated with beautiful and different photographs, mostly from universally or locally threatened species. Be our guest and scroll through them using the colorful arrows above. The purple button takes you to this page or by clicking it twice to the English home page.


Our main pages are provided in the following languages: AF - AM -AR - AZ - BE - BG - BN - BS - BR - CN - CNS - CS - DE - DK - EL - EN - ES - ET - FA - FI - FR - GU - HA - HI - HK - HR - HU - HY - ID - IG - IS - IT - JP - JV - KA - KK - KM - KN - KO - KU - KY - LO - LT - LV - MG - MK - ML - MN - MR - MS - MT - MY - NE - NL - NO - NY - OR - PA - PH - PL - PT - RO - RU - RW - SD - SE - SI - SK - SL - SN - SO - SQ - SR - ST - SU - SW - TA - TE - TG - TH - TK - TR - TT - TW - UG - UK - UR - UZ - VI - XH - YO - ZH - ZU


The translations above, some of which are quick translations may not show the latest version. If you speak good English and another language please help us make, add to, update or improve the translations using the English text for reference. Please register as a volunteer and/or send your translation / correction to biodiversity.vision@gmail.com or via WhatsApp

The main home page may be rather challenging to translate as it should make sense both with and without clicking on the drop downs.

The Biodiversity Extinction page is already well translated into DE, NO and IS and the donation page has been translated into German


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