View from our Swiss location

Volunteer online or on location in Iceland or Switzerland (or join our stay for free club*)**

*Stay for Free

Our locations do not only provide places to stay to do traditional volunteering but also the possibility to contribute in other ways. So for example if you are retired or have the possibility to work remotely or you are a scientist or someone with a special skill or simply an extra pair of hands we may be able to come up with a plan where you can stay for free and still pursue your other interests. To find out more about our place which is also a 3 star hotel with a near perfect rating on Google visit The Outdoor Retreat

**How it is to volunteer

At any point in time you may be alone or be joining our other volunteers. It can be very nice to get to know new people. We often do things together like cooking and going for hikes, going swimming, visiting spas, listening to music, dancing, have lively and interesting conversations, go sightseeing, plant observing, birdwatching, stargazing and get to know each other. You will also have time to relax on your own, read and enjoy the fantastic views right from our places. Exactly what we do depends on you and if we and other volunteers are on site and what they feel like doing. Sometimes we organize things and sometimes the volunteers organize things themselves. We value cultural diversity and openness to different lifestyles.

At our location in Switzerland you will enjoy a fantastic Alp and lake view. You are about an hour walk from the next towns which in turn are about one hour travel distance to the cities of Zurich and Lucerne.

At our location in Iceland you will enjoy a Mt Fuji style of glacier/volcano view and depending on the season midnight sun or northern lights view.

The help

There are a lot different tasks to be done. Manual help, creative help, cleaning, finding points of contact, communications, project management, guiding other helpers, occasional work in the nature, strategizing, translating, creating text, creating graphics, creating videos, tiktoks and help build a positive image of what we do including your very own participation in the volunteering process etc. There is a lot of fun to be had from putting in a real effort to further our cause. Our primary mission is to make a real difference in curbing the loss of biodiversity. Navigate this site for further information about our philosophy.


Anybody can volunteer. To volunteer on location you need to be over 18 but you can also be a lot older, e.g. retired. Our best volunteers come alone. If you are two or more we need to be assured that you are really going to volunteer or contribute to our cause. You can volunteer with both manual and creative skills so in theory anyone should be able to volunteer. If you have some special skills we would be interested in finding out more and to come up with a plan where we can put those skills to good use. You are also likely to pick up some useful skills while volunteering that may be useful in your life and/or career. You must be willing to give up alcohol for your duration on site and be drug and smoke free. (We welcome those that have quit and indeed our place is well suited to rehabilitate yourself. However intending to quit just before or after arrival is too late.) Most important you need to have a genuine desire to help. We want you to enjoy and prosper from your time with us. However you must further our cause positively. If you have some personal problems that would drain our and other helpers energy, that can not be considered furthering our cause positively. You must be willing to strive to work in a conscientious and considerate manner. Open mindedness is important.

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WhatsApp for Volunteers: +41 763560000